A. The Temple is located in Tulsa, our physical address is 16943 East 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74134 [MAP], around 1.5 miles east of East Gate Metroplex (formerly Eastland Mall). Our mailing address is - Hindu Temple of Greater Tulsa, P.O. Box 691771, Tulsa, OK 74169. Click here for more info.
A. If you feel like it, you may bring a few flowers, fruits, incense sticks, camphor, or prasad etc. to offer to God. If you are performing a special pooja or/and pre-arranged services, please check with the priest first.
A. The Temple is open to the public/devotees during the hours as listed here. Sometimes, the temple may be closed due to inclement weather conditions. Therefore we request, please check before you schedule your visit to the temple. Please contact us for more information.
Mon-Fri: 9AM-11AM, 6PM-8:30PM; Sat: 9AM-1:30PM, 5PM-8PM; Sun: 9AM-1:30PM, 6PM-8PM
A. Yes, you can bring your family members, friends or neighbors to the temple. Just make sure that everyone follows the rules of sanctity in a Hindu religious place of worship. For example - Remove footwear before entering Temple; Socialize without disturbing others who may be worshipping or praying etc. For details please check Guest Informaiton page.
A. HTGT statnds for Hindu Temple of Greater Tulsa. HTGT is a non-profit organizaiton, therfore all your donations to HTGT are tax deductible. Online donations using PayPal secure service is available.
A. Most of the Hindu Poojas/Services can be performed on request. A small donation to the Temple and a dakshina to the priest may be rquired. For details please check the notice board at temple or check at our website service page.
A. Yes there are clean restrooms available at the temple. A place to leave footwear, to hang coats, cold drinking water fountain is also available in the hall way.

A. Please click here to obtain a list of Pooja Items. There is also a PDF file available to download under each pooja item section. For more information please consult temple priest.