Kids Corner

HTGT encourages parents to involve their kids in the temple activities. Please suggest us how our Kid's section can be more interesting and useful for the kids. We have provided few graphics below, which can be downloaded, printed and given to the kids for coloring. Click on the image below to download.
htgt cb Ganesh01htgt cb Ganesh02htgt cb Ganesh03htgt cb Ganesh04htgt cb Mahalakshmi01htgt cb Mahalakshmi02htgt cb ShivaLinga01htgt cb ShivaLinga02htgt cb Balaji01htgt cb Krishna01htgt cb Krishna02htgt cb Krishna03htgt cb jagannath01htgt cb MaaDurga01htgt cb ShirdiSaiBaba01htgt cb ShirdiSaiBaba02htgt cb GautamaBuddha01htgt cb GautamaBuddha02htgt cb GautamaBuddha03htgt cb Tulsi01htgt cb Bell01htgt cb Lamp01htgt cb Lamp02htgt cb Gandhi01