Purpose of the Hindu Temple

"God is omnipresent. Heat is a from of energy that the sun produces that reach us as sun rays, a cloth will not catch fire unless the sun’s rays are focused on it using a lens. Similarly to obtain the grace of omnipresent god we build temples where we can focus the power of the lord in consecrated idols for our benefit in the easiest way."

Hindus see divinity infused in idols and therefore offer abishekams, alankara, archana, naivedyam, haarti and many other upacharas to gods. Hindus also consider god as king of kings, we offer our talent in music, dance, decorations, food and other upacharas. The idol full of divinity is an object of beauty and, worthy of meditation.

Humans go through pains and sufferings, ordinary human beings do not have the mental strength to bear the sufferings, with bhakti or devotion people gain inner strength and face life cheerfully and confidently. We go to the temple and pray, we pour out our emotions, seek blessings, and go home with a lighter heart and with the confidence that God will take care of us. This mental and emotional fulfillment is what draws people to temples.

Since the temple is a place of divine presence, we do many things to express our devotion to god, we have paintings, sculptures to enhance the beauty of the temple, during special occasions hymns from the Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred texts are recited by priests who are scholars in ancient hindu texts, devotees sing bhajans and dance to express their devotion.

You are always welcome to visit our temple. To help you better, we have Guest Information and FAQs pages. We request you to go over that. If you still have any questions, please contact us.